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Find out about offers near you, at any time!

Whatshop brings you promotions from local stores, informs you about nearby businesses and lets you manage your loyalty programs in your favorite stores. Save money, explore new stores and enjoy a smarter shopping experience with Whatshop.

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Discover, explore and save

Take advantage of all local promotions

Discover the best offers near you, access store information, and collect points and benefits thanks to our integrated loyalty card system. All in a single application.

Promotions near you

Find the latest offers and discounts in stores near you. Never miss a good promotion again!


Store information

Get essential details about your favorite stores, including opening hours, contact details and location.


Loyalty program

For retailers, digitally manage your customers' loyalty. For individuals, find all your loyalty cards from affiliated stores in one convenient place.


Save locally

Use our application today

Explore exceptional offers nearby and easily access store details. Simplify your shopping journey and achieve unrivalled savings.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find out about promotions near me?
Using the Whatshop app, you can activate location to discover all the promotions available in stores near you.
How does the loyalty program work?
Each store has its own loyalty program that allows you to earn points with every purchase you make in partner stores. Simply present your digital loyalty card at the checkout.
What kind of information can I find on the stores?
The Whatshop app provides detailed store information, including opening hours, contact details and address. You can also view current promotions and special events organized by the store.
Is Whatshop free?
Yes, the Whatshop application is totally free to download and use. Subscriptions are available for professionals, depending on the features required.